A Collaborative Cloud Based Tool for K-12 Administrators and Staff Focused on Students' Social Emotional Well-Being.
Created by Soshemo.

About Soshemo

With over 20 years combined experience in the school setting as a nurse, a behavioral health therapist, and an IT director, we gained a unique perspective on the stressors students face each day.

We recognized that kids were reaching out for help for their social and emotional needs. We also found that the help they received in schools could be fragmented, as some kids went to their guidance counselor, and some to the nurse, while others sought help from a trusted teacher. We feel that bringing these professionals together in one team will provide a comprehensive approach to identifying and managing students’ emotional needs.

Soshemo was created through our collaboration and a desire to meet the social and emotional needs of kids in schools. Whether a student is a potential risk of harm to himself or others, or a threat is made to the whole school community, our team approach, using Soshemo, will facilitate the management of that risk.

Mission Soshemo

Soshemo’s purpose is to provide a collaborative cloud based tool that facilitates a comprehensive team approach by identifying and managing students’ social and emotional needs in the k-12 environment... because all students should feel safe and supported.

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